DKD Structures is an experienced Steel Detailing Company providing excellent and reliable Steel Detailing Services for commercial, industrial, residential and other related spaces with the focus on matching the international standards. We provide services that give flexibility and help to match the deadlines which keeps our clients in front for their every project.

We have one of the most experienced and talented teams in the steel detailing industry with an outstanding portfolio of projects. Our structure steel detailing services involves Structural Steel Detailing, Shop Drawing, fabrication drawing, assembly drawings, structural 3D model, structural beams design, structure steel design, structural design, structural steel fabrication, structural steel cad, steel framing design etc.

We are an all-inclusive structural steel detailing Service Company leveraging latest software's to provide efficient structural designs of steel structures within diverse edifices. With more than two decades of collective experience in the field, DKD STRUCTURES is committed to delivering astute and accurately detailed plans with aid from leading edge technologies on schedule leading to strong client satisfaction on more than one count. Additionally, we have the required vision and expertise to offer quality structural steel detailing services to steel fabricators, architects and the like.

Our Promise

At DKD, we believe in our service and product. We work hard to get to know our customers, to develop a connection and to understand them and their needs.

Above all else, DKD is dedicated to bringing integrity and trust back to the design and construction industry. We strive to make every part of your experience working with us as simple and professional as possible.

We are committed to clear and unambiguous consistent language at every point of customer contact. We demonstrate our commitment daily by providing a superior quality service that our customers and partners can expect and depend on.

Mission Statement

Provide best in class service solutions throughout the design, detailing, fabrication and construction industry. By utilizing innovative tools in the hands of highly skilled teams.

DKD STRUCTURES is strives to maintain its position as a quality service provider for all its clients.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our highly professional steel detailers, engineers and designers are experienced in creating comprehensive and intricate steel details with immaculate accuracy, consistency and clarity
  • Our expertise in detailing and technical know-how combined with expertise in latest software products makes us worthy partners to clients, especially to solve connection problems and find precise solutions to complex geometric issues
  • We are one of the few trusted and reliable companies for our quality yet timely deliverables that adhere to international standards
  • Our niche services ensure that we have the required domain experience, staff motivation and brilliance in our offerings
  • By being consistently updated on latest technologies, we have managed to elevate the quality of work to new heights.